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Silvia Canna Traducciones

We offer high quality translation services (Spanish - English / English – Spanish) to solve the various communication problems our clients may have.
Our offices are located at:
Parque Patricios (C.A.B.A), home to the technological district and to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (Executive Branch),
Palermo (a neighborhood in the North of the City of Buenos Aires).
We make free and certified translations.
We specialize in many areas to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of professionals.

Who are we?

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We are a select team of professional translators whose aim is to cater our clients with high quality services.

Team leader: Silvia Amelia Canna – Certified Translator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires - UBA (English) and Attorney graduated from the University of Buenos Aires – UBA, specialized in business law. With a 13-year seniority as a certified translator, Ms. Canna enjoys wide experience in the legal, financial, economic and business areas.


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